Who amongst us has never felt tenderness, love, even hatred toward a character depicted on film? It is not uncommon for us to maintain a secret and intimate bond with these movie personalities who have had such an impact upon us.

It’s the desire to pay tribute to all these actors, these roles and these films, which informs the project « Figures du Cinema ». To remind us of these impactful roles, their cinematographic framework, and to revive in us those bonds we formed when we first saw them.

From the arthouse to the mainstream, the project comprises a gallery of characters as rich and popular as the History of Cinema, thus providing a graphical index from the 1920s to the present day. This gallery will continue to grow with the addition of new characters throughout time. All in the form of illustrations, offering the opportunity for everyone to have them near you.


Each illustration is composed of extracts of film stills and photos, which are redrawn and modified to put the character into a situation evoking an idea, a gesture, which recalls and defines the role in question.

The illustrations are drawn on computer, with each additional detail, such as watercolours, added by hand, and then scanned.

Each print is reproduced in A4, on ultra-high quality Canson infinity paper, with ink quality to match (Epson Ultrachrome Pro) ».

Other formats and buying options will follow.


With Figures du Cinéma, the talented Lyonnais illustrator Romain Ferrini has created an epic chronological index of the characters who have defined cinema, between classics and genre films, auteur cinema and blockbusters.

Hyperrealist and striking, his compositions, the fruit of successive round trips between the computer and the drawing table, challenge as much by their virtuosity as their evocative power.

Delving into the deep well of childhood fear, he draws a range of icons from the 7th art to give us a selection of psychopaths, bogeymen and other evil creatures. A journey of fear from The Night of the Hunter to Mars Attacks! Passing through A Clockwork Orange, The Exorcist and Carrie. «

Hugo Gaspard – DARON Magazine